Taxes & Income

Quick Tax Guide

Founded by freelance interpreters, for freelance interpreters. Quick Tax Guide has a number of services available for hire both in package and ad-hoc form. They provide annual tax support for new graduates at $400 annually with S-corps & partnerships paying an even $1,000.


Deaf Tax has been around since 2007, owned and operated by MBA holders. One look at their website and it’s clear they understand communication with their clients. They have teams serving various regions in the US. More info on their pricing can be found here.

HEalth Insurance

Health insurance for freelancers

Policy Genius’ compiled options for health insurance as a freelancer in 2022.

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Investopedia’s Plan Comparison

A break down of their best plan options for the year.

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Airtable freelance template

This $45 template is what freelancers have used for years to keep track of their jobs, invoices, expenses and client accounts.

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Travel Booking Template

This template corresponds with our post about how to travel and work as an interpreter. It’s available now for $5.

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