Grey Van Pelt


I’ve been a full time freelancer since 2013 and writing my own contracts since 2015. I was brought up with a brilliant mentor who instilled all of her rage against the machine from the 80’s into my practice. She pushed me to build a career I was proud of, without the reliance on agencies many of my colleagues had settled comfortably into. Since the early days of my career I have been very outspoken in my criticism of agencies and their practices. I’ve also advocated for education surrounding freelancing and the basics of business within our field to prevent the next generation from falling into the traps our predecessors did.

When I first started accepting direct contracts and travel work, interpreters reached out in droves for my input on their next opportunity. I realized that I had a responsibility; to share what I knew with my colleagues the way my mentor had with me. With that goal in mind, I formed Flamingo Interpreting Inc as a way to collaborate with others and support them in contracts while acquiring new business that would provide us a stable foundation for the future.

Since then, it’s been a ride. I’ve consulted with clients starting their very first LLC and clients interested in hiring their first full time private interpreter. As a practitioner I’ve been hired by community NGOs and hedge fund billionaires. I’ve also executed successful contracts for both of them while spending my entire evening on the phone with a lawyer trying to understand the intricacies required in writing my terms.

I understand what it’s like to face a future in this field feeling overwhelmed, lost and seemingly unable to move forward towards… anything. This course is my opportunity to provide some of the insight I’ve been given back to my industry in a more concise way. It’s my chance to do what my mentor did, show up with bricks and build a foundation.

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The modules


Throughout the series, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities for engagement and collaboration with a focus on the following six topics which represent each of the six modules.

  • Branding

    Branding includes all the basics of how to create a resumé, portfolio, rate sheet, business cards and one-sheet for the best results in the field. It’s important that you feel confident and ready in your image when you’re ready to pound pavement for your first deal.

  • Contracts I

    In Contracts I, you’ll learn the required provisions and terms for the contracts you’ll be writing. This module outlines all of the basics to get you ready to write your own for your next client. Containing cancellation, rate structures and what to do if you don’t get paid; this module can provide you lessons learned in a trial by fire, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

  • Contracts II

    Contracts II contains additional provisions and special circumstances requiring additions to your standard contract. In this unit we review how to negotiate and accept travel work while protecting your bottom line.

  • Rates, Fees & Pricing Structures

    We’ll work through rates together with strategies to best calculate what you should be charging, whatever the market and regardless of experience. In this unit, additional rates like daily and preparation are broken down in a palatable and applicable way.

  • Agency Partnership

    Everyone has questions about working with agencies. Are they paying you enough? Are they offering you enough work? This unit should serve to ease some of your concerns and help guide you to a better relationship with agencies. As well as teaching you the best strategies for garnering a good rate, we’ll discuss annual adjustments and increases.

  • Subcontracting

    While most interpreters don’t envision themselves contracting out to their colleagues, the truth is that in order to maintain a private practice – you need to know how. This module will break down the ins and outs so that if/when you decide to subcontract, you’ll be prepared in execution without risking a relationship.

The Application

Housed within each module is curated independent work that breaks down to about 7 hours throughout the course. While completely optional, it is designed to be applied to work you’re doing or can do right now. As a student it can create a base for future work. As a working practitioner it can be applied to the work you do everyday to help you navigate the industry more efficiently and smarter than ever before.

The Benefits

Foundations in Freelance will better prepare you for working as an independent contractor both via agencies or within your own private practice.