The last database you’ll ever need to book your travel is finally available.

Often when I teach about how I travel, colleagues feel entirely lost in where to start. I did too so I began making tools that would help me stay organized and make sense of the process.

I use a database for all of my trips that is now available in template version. There you can add options for flights, hotels, workspaces and more. This way you can see and compare all of your options in one place alongside the budget you’ve set for yourself. Whether you have specific dates in mind or you’re still in the dreaming phase, you can use this database to best plan for your next adventure even if you’re not planning on picking up work in the process.

It seems intense but it’s actually incredibly simple. It works like this…

First, you add your flights

Here you’ll add your flight options to be considered for a potential itinerary or purchased for your final plans.

Then, compare options

When the flights are placed into a potential itinerary, you can begin to compare pricing by date and location.

Next add your hotels

You can search and filter by virtually any tag you want while limiting your options to the specific city you’ll fly into.

If you’re collaborating with a colleague or friend, you can tag one another in comments and share notes to book the best places.

Workspaces are last

You can sort your options for workspaces by city, workspace type and amenity. Sometimes you’ll want to prioritize a pool and others you’ll need a good VRI station.

Finally, you can review your final itinerary before booking and adding in confirmation numbers while tracking the daily expenses of each location.

To download the purchase a copy of the template to make your own click here.

5 thoughts on “The Travel Booking Template

  1. This is so helpful. Bookmarking for future use. I’m going to add my own table for restaurants and maybe self-care places? I love yoga on the road!

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I’m totally sending this to all of my friends who aren’t even interpreters, this can be useful for ANY traveler who works on the road!

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