• Free for up to 5 clients
  • $16/mo (paid annually) gets you up to 50 clients & financial reports which are incredibly helpful
  • $19 if you’re paying month to month ($36 increase)
  • 2.9% per transaction (at time of writing, it’s unclear if that includes bank transactions)

Hiveage offers invoicing software that’s trackable through their platform as a bit of a steep price in my opinion but they do have all of the things you’d need for scaling if growth including subcontracting is in your goals. As with any app in this list, you can export your reports at end of year or if you decide to switch services mid year. 

Tracking invoices for interpreting and translation can be tough. Only you can decide if it’s worth $192/year.

Harvest invoicing


  • $0 for 1 seat 2 projects
  • $12 for unlimited if paying monthly, $10.80 if annually ($14.40 savings per year)
  • According to their website “In most cases, domestic US transaction fees are 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card payments or 0.8% (up to a maximum of $5)”

Harvest invoicing is a platform built with teams in mind that works incredibly for interpreters who have voiced it’s praises to the Flamingo Interpreting team. This one is on the more popular side because of it’s functionality and integration with other systems which support saving for retirement. It’s on the more affordable side as well.

Capping invoice payments at a maximum of $5 is a major win in comparison, considering the size of payments you can expect. Regardless of size, Harvest seems to have something for everyone.

One small shortcoming is it’s functionality surrounding issue dates. When creating a new invoice to go out you need to manually update the date twice for each template, slowing down the process slightly.



  • $0 Accounting software
  • $0 Invoicing software
  • Unlimited projects and tracking
  • 2.9% + .30 per transaction for credit card payments
  • 3.4% + .30 per transaction for American Express payments
  • 1% per transaction for direct bank payments

We love the automatic reminders set up for clients with open invoices and the very sleek templates provided. We’ve tested this platform internally as well and have found the only con to be the recent increase in fees per bank transaction changing from 0% to 1%. Branding invoices through Wave is not impossible though may not fit the aesthetic you’re looking for.

With payouts happening in 1-2 days for credit cards and 2-7 for bank payments, it can be on the slower side in comparison to platforms like Stripe but it is scalable for payroll. This can be incredibly helpful if you are interested in forming your own agency.



  • 0$ to host invoices, products and services on their site
  • 25 invoices free per month, a very high number for the vast majority of interpreters and translators
  • .4% per transaction after the first 25.

With Stripe Invoicing Plus holding the keys to reconciliation and quotes, you may find yourself upgrading but if you’re billing more than 25 invoices per moth, chances are you’re ready for it.

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