Foundations in Freelance

The basics in business for interpreters and translators

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How to Avoid Late Payments as a Freelancer

If you haven’t yet, you’re bound to encounter late payments at some point during your freelance career. Payments can be late for any number of reasons and all of them are just as frustrating. You’ve done the work, sent the invoice, and now you’re waiting… and waiting. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in the…

What is a W9 and Why Do I Need One?

For many new freelancers, the business aspects can be confusing. There are entire lists of documents you’ll need to have on hand that can be incredibly foreign if you’ve never worked in an independent contracting capacity. Luckily, that’s why Foundations in Freelance was created. Let’s dive in and demystify one of the most common documents…

Diversifying Your Practice

As interpreters, it’s very easy for us to rely on one of two agencies and maintain a reasonable schedule for years at a time. While the stability of it all can be incredibly rewarding, it can also place your future and practice at risk. Without a diverse variety of work in your practice, when things…

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