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The basics in business for interpreters and translators

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Diversifying Your Practice

As interpreters, it’s very easy for us to rely on one of two agencies and maintain a reasonable schedule for years at a time. While the stability of it all can be incredibly rewarding, it can also place your future and practice at risk. Without a diverse variety of work in your practice, when things … Continue reading Diversifying Your Practice

Late Payments & Nonpayment.

As independent contractors, we’re in charge of own rates, schedules and billing which can sometimes be a real hassle if you have a client that just won’t pay you. Non-payment can happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, you’ll send your invoice to an inbox that is no longer monitored because the person in charge … Continue reading Late Payments & Nonpayment.

NET15, NET30 or NETwhenever?

You might be wondering why a specific payment structure matters. Plenty of interpreters ask this exact same question. In reality, when you get paid might not be a huge issue but if you consider the long game of freelancing… it might be bigger than cashing a single check. While it might also feel better to … Continue reading NET15, NET30 or NETwhenever?

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